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Not sure what to call it but, is there a birds eye view tool for excel to show the data flow between excel sheets/cels etc? I have inherited some huge reports and looking at each cell to see where it's data comes from or what sheet/cell dependencies it has is a nightmare.

Or even just something with excel that show the dependencies within a sheet of cells to each other etc.

Or Any other visualization tool that can show the data flow between cells ( I tried visio but it seemed it is only for making diagrams of data not the data model of excel itself ).

Or at least if I am within a cell and see a formula referring to other sheets and cells, is there a quick way to navigate there and back? Like code navigation in VS?

Thank you for your help

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In Excel 2004 you can trace predecessors etc by selecting a cell then Tools->Auditing->Trace Precedents.

The menu option might differ in other versions of Excel but has been there in other versions. Also in the extras there might be some more auditing functions.

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Thank you, Auditing tools in Excel 2007, on the formulas tab, I can't up vote you cause I don't have enough reputation, but I'll be back. – Arjang Jan 17 '11 at 21:02

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