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I am planning to assemble a custom NAS machine using an Intel Atom processor. I need the NAS for the following purposes:

  • It should be accessible from my Windows PC so that I can dump data on the NAS (installations, media etc)
  • It should be accessible from my Macbook for the above use.
  • I should be able to use it with the Mac time machine software for backup.
  • The media should be available to my PS3 for streaming.
  • I should be able to access it from my iphone. (not very important)

All the above features should be available over wireless.

The time machine feature is very important.

Is this possible? Can someone provide resources on how I can assemble such a machine and setup the required software on it?

Much appreciated.

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I am in precisely the same situation, been digging around for info for weeks! – Christopher Garcia Jan 26 '11 at 16:47

In terms of software, any reasonably modern linux distro will do well for this purpose.

  • The 'samba' package will do standard Windows file sharing without issue
  • The 'netatalk' package (and afpd server) will do Apple file sharing, including full Time Machine support
  • Mediatomb, if I recall correctly, will do UPnP streaming to PS3 and other compatible devices

What are you looking to access from the iphone?

An Atom-based system will work fairly well, but you'll have to do a bunch of research to find exactly the hardware you want.

As a start, I've found a couple of decent Mini-ITX cases that will work for NAS purposes:

I can't provide much advice for the rest of the hardware. It really depends how many disks you want, how much redundancy you need, etc.

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Thanks a lot David. I am really not looking for the hardware information. I am more interested in the software to enable the services I mentioned. The iPhone data access is really not important. I just need to access pictures and video. – bobbyalex Jan 29 '11 at 10:45

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