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I have a very large (1000 page) PDF which contains about 100, ten page each documents one after the other. I would like to have them sent to my office printer as individual files so my office printer will print them double sided and staple each one individually.

I'm using Adobe Acrobat X and think the first step is to bookmark the start of each of those 100 documents. I don't know the next step though.

I also have a batch printing program so if i can extract each of those 100 bookmarks to individual files that would work too.

Thanks for all the help.

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I think I just heard the forest out back of me wince in agony... –  Aeo Jan 17 '11 at 15:30

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The free PDFill PDF Tools can split a pdf file, but you will need to execute the split manually 9 times to split into 10 parts.

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