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I am trying to put two monitors in mirror mode (Windows 7 Professional) with Ultramon 3.1.0.

The two monitors:

  • Main monitor: 24" Asus. 1680x1050 resolution (16/10).
  • Secondary monitor: 19" LG. 1280x1024 resolution.

The graphic card is a Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT.

I have installed the Ultramon 3.1.0 and I have created a mirror, with the "stretch mirror image to fill monitor" and the "disable video overlays and 3D acceleration". When I start the mirroring, there are two zones in the lateral edges that are not displayed in the second monitor. I think this is because the width of the main monitor is 1680 px. and the width of the secondary monitor is 1280 px., but I have indicated "stretch mirror image to fill monitor" in the options. The same occurs in the top and the bottom edges, but the diference is minimal (1050 vs 1024 pixels).

I want the same image (distortioned in the secondary monitor if is neccesary), but I don't know what is failing.

Someone can help me, please?

I have read

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Make the smaller your primary? – Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams Jan 17 '11 at 17:45
If i make the smaller monitor my primary monitor I have black slides in the sides, in the top and in the bottom, bacause Ultramon doesn't stretch mirror image to fill monitor :( – quad Jan 17 '11 at 18:32

IIRC you can clone a display using display properties without involving ultramon. I know I did it with XP when hooking to a projector before buying ultramon.

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