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I tried to add a network printer at, but halfway it when it asked for a driver, I cancelled it because I do not have the driver at hand.

Later when I try to add again, it tells me the port (, which is automatically specified as the same as the IP for the printer, is already in use and then suggest

Now, I cannot find the printer anywhere such that I can remove it and use back the same port. How should I do it?

Any ideas?


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If there is an entry for the printer in your Device Manager, uninstall it. Otherwise, I would think that a reboot would solve it. – Felix Dombek Jan 18 '11 at 1:27
Have you tried simply rebooting? – Not Kyle stop stalking me Jan 18 '11 at 1:27
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Try the following:

cscript prnport.vbs -d -r PortName

cscript prnport.vbs -d -r aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd

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after much searching I finally found the "port" settings page at right click any printer > printer properties > ports. there, I can remove the ports..... – Jake Jan 18 '11 at 7:48

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