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I am currently using DVD Flick in Windows to author a DVD from a .vob video file in a manual process, i.e. setting up the project etc..

Now, I would like to

  1. do the same in Linux, i.e. author a DVD from a .vob file. I dont need any fancy menus etc. just create the DVD structure for a video file, which just plays when inserting the DVD.
  2. automate the creation of the DVD as much as possible, i.e. scripting support or CLI

If possible the solution should allow to create an ISO for easy duplication.

Does anybody know any software that supports this?

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dvdauthor is an excellent command-line utility that can do what you want. There are also a number of GUI authoring tools, a lot of which are front-ends for dvdauthor:

On Ubuntu, some of these are already included in the repository, so you can install them using apt-get or graphically through the Add/Remove.. menu.

A full list of front-ends to dvdauthor, as well tutorials on its use, are on the project site.

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This page offers a command-line solution:

You could encapsulate those commands in a script, but you might have to include some options for things like aspect ratio.

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