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I'm working with Word templates which contain nested tables of mail-merged fields. I need the row height of one of the child tables to have a minimum height but be able to expand (height only not width) to accommodate the contents from the mail-merged data

Anyone know how to achieve this?


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Using Word 2003, the principle is the same in newer versions, but placement within the UI may vary.

Select the row in question. Right-click and select Table Properties.

From here move to the Row tab, and enter a value in Specify Height.

Finally, ensure the Row Height Is set to At least and not Exactly.

Here's a screenshot of the Table Properties window showing the options in question:

Table Properties window showing row height options

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Works a treat, even if I do feel dumb for not spotting that dropdown option earlier ;-) – Rob Cowell Jan 19 '11 at 9:19

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