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I've been creating beautiful fillable PDFs using OOo Writer under Ubuntu for a few years. However, I've recently been asked to make them saveable rather than just printable. So, I go to my colleague's Windows computer which has Adobe Acrobat Professional 8, and following directions outlined in Save filled form in PDF file in Ubuntu.

I end up with an unreadable, unfillable document. Acrobat Reader opens it, but it's garbage. It looks like it might be a character encoding issue. The document was created using Arial under Ubuntu. I installed OOo on the Windows box and changed the font to Tahoma.

But with either font, the resulting file is a jumble of boxes and oddly placed random characters. Given that it fails with a fairly ubiquitous font, and a Microsoft specific font, I'm guessing it's not a font issue.

Until I enable the rights, the PDF is readable both with Acrobat Reader and Acrobat Pro.

Anyone else encounter the problem? If so, did you solve it?


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Try this if other solutions do not work out – Simon Dec 9 '12 at 10:17

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Here's a link to a video that shows a free tool that you can use to create writable, saveable and printable PDFs using Adobe Reader:

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