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I have a HP Compaq t5515 thin client computer with a flash disk and USB port. I want to put Win98 onto it, replacing whatever is on there now (I think it is some Linux-based thing). I can find stuff about putting Win98 onto a pen drive and running from that, but I can't find any info about installing Windows 98 from a pen drive onto a sep[arate system.

Is it just a matter of

  • making the pen drive bootable to DOS
  • copying the contents of a Win98 installation CD onto the pen drive
  • booting the HP machine from the pen drive
  • running SETUP.EXE from the pen drive?

Any pointers appreciated. TIA

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Are you sure the thin client will boot from a usb device? – Moab Jan 19 '11 at 3:03
It will. If I put DOS onto the pen drive it will boot from it. However it then assigns C: to the pen drive and the other flash doesn't seem to appear anywhere as a drive (can't see it with dir D:, dir E:, etc) – rossmcm Jan 19 '11 at 3:55

Super User Blog to the rescue! You can use PenDriveLinux to create a boot-able flash drive and it even has an entry for Windows rescue disks (I understand that a rescue disk is different than a install, but the boot entries should be the same). If that entry fails however you can utilize the "unlisted" iso entry in PenDriveLinux. You'll have to edit the GRUB menu yourself but that's not extremely difficult. Here is a good place to start looking (last post).

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After looking at the hardware specs, I don't think you can put another OS on it.

No hard drive, and no way to add one, only 32 or 128mb flash rom memory.

I converted a Wyse thin client to an XP box once, but it had an IDE controller on the motherboard, so I added a laptop hard drive to it, worked out nice.

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Certainly it's beginning to look that way. I put Win98 DOS onto a key and booted from that. It booted and assigned key to C:, and FDISK only finds the C: drive. I guess I'm stuffed. – rossmcm Jan 19 '11 at 20:59

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