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I have a hard drive with a some data corruption and am attempting to recover the data with dd_rescue. I am running Ubuntu 10 running off a thumb drive drive (my primary boot disk is running Windows 7). I cant remember exactly what the command was (see explanation below) but it was something like:

dd_rescue media/MyBadDisk media/MyGoodDisk

The task took about 4 days to run on a 500 GB HDD and I wasn't around when it actually finished. The terminal window was blank and was not showing a prompt anymore. There was a cursor and keystrokes would advance the cursor but nothing would actually display. On the destination disk there is a new MyBadDisk.img file but it is 0 bytes.

Did I do something wrong? I want to run the task again but I dont want to wait another 4 days to find out I screwed something up again.

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It doesn't sound like it finished, but try Scrounge NTFS. I've had good luck with it when dd_rescue wouldn't do the trick.

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Is 4+ days really a reasonable amount of time for dd_rescue to run on a 500 GB drive? – Jeff Jan 19 '11 at 16:58

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