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I have FireFox 3.6 installed in my OS X 10.6 and I have FoxyProxy plugin installed.
An update for FoxyProxy was available so I updated it.
After updating, FireFox isn't launching and it is disappears immediately.

Any idea what went wrong?

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To launch Firefox in Safe Mode on OS X, open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal and enter the following:

open -a Firefox --args -safe-mode

Try disabling or uninstalling the plugin to see if it works again.

You can also try to get information from the system logs. Open /Applications/Utilities/Console to see them. You can search for "Firefox" or "firefox-bin" to see messages related to Firefox.

Are there logs related to Firefox in Files » ~/Library/Logs » CrashReporter? Does their time stamp conform with the recent crashes?

What (error message) output do you see when you open Firefox by launching Terminal and entering the following:


(Assuming Firefox is located in /Applications/)

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I don't know about the problem itself, but you should be able to launch Firefox to remove/downgrade FoxyProxy in safe mode. Go to the Mozilla Firefox program group in your start menu, there should be a shortcut to run Firefox in Safe Mode. If not, simply create a shortcut to Firefox and change the target so that it contains the argument -safe-mode.

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