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Say i have home PC and office PC (both Windows 7) having internet connections. How to bring them together on a LAN ?

Another is if there is an existing LAN, then how to join these PCs to that LAN ?

VPN ? If yes, How to identify each machine, which IP to use ? and How to determine if they are on same LAN ?

Basically i want to use the machines for a distributed cloud application.

I installed hamachi on 2 machines and made them join network in mesh mode , but now how to communicate among them (via HTTP URLs) ?

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You already have a VPN (Hamachi) configured, so all you need is to type http://5.x.y.z/ in your browser - and there's your URL. (5.x.y.z is the address Hamachi assigns. It should be shown in the Hamachi client, and in Network control panel.)

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i tried it . it says url not found or something. – Munish Goyal Jan 27 '11 at 4:08
@Munish: "or something" is not enough. If you get an error message, please post it in its entirety. – grawity Jan 27 '11 at 10:16

Don't know what you mean by "communicate via http url" !

Just consider this: all the machine belonging to the same group behave, through internet, the same as on a local network.

If you want to share files, enable samba on each pc. If you want to transfer by FTP, install an FTP server on a machine and a client on the other. If you have a personal web server on pc1 which hamachi adress is, others members of this group can reach it at

In case you want them added to an existing "hamachi lan" (not the proper term), login to your hamachi web account at, find a group and note the group ID. Then go back to your hamachi UI interface, click network/join network, type this ID and matching password. Do it for each client. You should see the list of new members in your account.

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