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I write script in VBScript for converting images. It use ImageMagic ActiveX. I write this script in Windows XP, it's run normaly, the same with Windows Vista 32bit, but in 64bit I have 800A01AD error when trying to create ActiveX object (both 32bit and 64bit have the same service pack installed)

Set imageMagick = CreateObject("ImageMagickObject.MagickImage.1")

I try to install ImageMagic as Admin (run as Administrator in Context Menu), I also try to run as Administrator:

regsvr32 wshom.ocx
regsvr32 scrrun.dll

with no success. And also try to run

regsvr32 ImageMagickObject.dll

Which run sucessfully but script still return error (the same as test script from ImageMagic)

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Given that the script runs on two 32-bit machines but not on the 64-bit one, it seems like a 32/64bit problem.

A little background: a 64-bit process (Application) can not load 32-bit DLL/OCX etc. and a 32-bit process can not load 64-bit DLL/OCX etc. files.

I’m assuming that one of the following is happening:

1) You have installed the 64-bit version of ImageMagick and try to access it from the 32-bit Script environment.

2) You have installed the 32-bit version of ImageMagick and try to access it from the 64-bit Script environment. See this SO question for a solution for this scenario.

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