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I'm getting sporadically functioning Bluray drive in my HP DV5T laptop. Anybody have any ideas that I could use to get it working again, short of replacing it? Here is the history I tried with it today:

Lightscribe Blu-ray player not working anymore: Model: HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW CT10L

Type: DVD/CD-ROM drives

Tried putting blank CD-R ... not recognized Tried using MS Visio software ... not recognized Installing new driver from LightScribe.

Windows being used to write to a lightscribe disk... now it seems to work... but the Windows SW is weak and slow -- doesn't report time remaining. When it does, it reports a rediculous 1 hour 32 minutes. (started at 10:10AM). Next will try the Power-to-go software option.

Trying to install 10:38:00 AM 1/19/2011 Visio once again ... lots of clicking sounds... still not reading from the disk.

Going back and trying the disk I JUST burned. 10:40:15 The newly burned disk is NOT WORKING EITHER! ! !

Going to burn a label onto the disk... for what its worth.

10:46 AM 1/19/2011 Drive E: Detecting Media. Please wait... <--- Lightscribe template SW

11:00 AM 1/19/2011 Plese but a lightscribe disk in LABEL DOWN .... OK, I do it, for the second time... 11:06 AM 1/19/2011 Damn thing is stuck on the 'estimating' step at 0% 11:12 AM 1/19/2011 Crappy DVD... must be totally broken.

"The disc in the LightScribe drive is not recognized"... please ensure blah blah blah 11:13 AM 1/19/2011 TRY AGAIN

...around 11:17, I succeed, after 7-8 tries, to get MS Visio to install.

Subsequent attempts to use the LightScribe feature, though, don't work.

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Please update the question with your OS version. – th3dude Jan 19 '11 at 18:38
Vista 64-bit is my OS. – Rolnik Jan 22 '11 at 4:54

Find the driver from the manufacturer of the drive (not Lightscribe) and if/once you do, completely uninstall the drivers for the drive. Once they are uninstalled, install the drivers that you downloaded (or if you have the disc) and try burning/reading disks again.

Remember, Lightscribe drivers and the drivers for your Blu ray drive are different and not related at all. You don't need the Lightscribe drivers to read/write discs, just to write labels with LIghtscribe software.

Note: If you have Windows 7, you can let it try to find the proper drivers for you.

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