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Apple's browser plugins have, for a long time now, been equatable with terrible browser performance. I'd rather not simply uninstall them though because sometimes (although rarely) I will come across a .mov I do want to watch in my browser. In Internet Explorer I used the "Manage Add-ons" window to disable everything made by Apple: QuickTime Object (both of them?), iTunesDetector Class, and Behavior Object. Then I opened an Apple trailers page,, to watch what happens.

As the page loaded it exhibited all of the symptoms the QuickTime plugin usually causes: one of my CPU cores maxed out for a few seconds and my browser became unresponsive. Clicking "watch now" on the page also caused my CPU to max out and my browser to freeze again for several seconds. As expected however, the video wouldn't load or play.

Apparently just disabling the add-ons didn't work, so I also changed the permissions for each one to allow no site to run it without permission. I opened the trailer page again and it froze my browser as before, the only difference being a notification appeared asking if I should allow iTunesDetector Class to run.

Is there any way to remove Apple plugins without straight up uninstalling them? Apparently disabling them in IE removes their ability to play .mov files but not their ability to wreck my browser and PC performance. Could it be that I'm attributing the blame to the wrong thing, and something else entirely is causing the Apple trailers site's awful performance?

I'm using Win7/IE9 beta, if that matters, but it's my understanding that IE add-ons function more or less the same across versions.

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