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I am currently using a Fixed Line linked DSL modem to connect to my laptop. But newly an IPhone and a tablet were added to my family and both needs to connect to wi-fi for network connection at home. Is there any way to convert my existing DSL to wi-fi modem. I know that we need to buy a wi-fi enabled modem and connect to existing connection will server the purpose. Correct me if I am wrong and suggest me some good 'secured' options as well

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Yes, you will either need to buy a WiFi enabled modem, or buy a Wireless router, and connect it to your modem. Easier to do the first, I think.

You'll need to select an encryption method for use over WiFi. Go with WPA or WPA2 if at all possible, since WEP is relatively easy to crack.

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oh yes thax!!!!BTW which one is costlier modem or router – GustlyWind Jan 20 '11 at 8:54

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