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Some time this week, without any major change done to one of my x64 Windows 7 computers, the Media eject icon goes missing in the systray taskbar area. When I attempt to reset the notification settings, i see this "This notification icon is currently not active" info warning alt text

Initially KB945011 managed to restore the icon after a reboot. But now it appears to have disappeared again. It seems to have disappeared (cannot really confirm) after I unlock the physical logon session (which was previously rerouted to a virtual Remote Desktop session).

Anybody have knowledge on possible causes to this missing behaviour?

UPDATE 1 Feb 11

It seems that happens often when I remote desktop to the computer, I see it from the remote screen, but when i unlock the screen physically, it disappears. It would reappear when I connect to remote desktop again. Hmmmmm.

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+1 My windows update icon is behaving the same way. What the heck does "not currently active" mean? Why wouldn't windows update be active? What's the next icon to disappear? Weird. –  Brett Apr 15 '11 at 11:44
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Something similar happened with my Vista machine a couple years ago and it was because my computer had a virus. Obviously, this is speculation and it may be completely different. Try running a scan using Microsoft Security Essentials and if it's clean, follow it up with a Windows Update and see if it comes back.

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i run Avira Antivir; no virus deteced. –  icelava Jan 21 '11 at 0:46
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After years of Windows updates and patching, this has appeared to stabilised.

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