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When creating an e-book using Adobe Acrobat 8.2.1 on OS X 10.6.5, is there a way to make Adobe Acrobat (or Adobe Reader) display the pages as follows:

p2   p3
p4   p5

rather than:

p1   p2
p3   p4
p5   p6

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I know that this was answered correctly by sampablokuper but I wanted to add a bit more detailed info (and I can't yet comment on this site) as to where it was as I have read that on 3 separate occasions and all 3 times I have had the "Page Display" tab open from the options looking for the "Show Cover Page During Two-Up" but it isn't in there is is only in the drop-down (see screenshot below). It may also be in the options somewhere but I can't find it.

Hope this helps anyone else who didn't read the answer correctly and thought it was in the options window's "Page Display" tab like me!

Adobe Reader dropdown


My clients prefer each spread to be one Acrobat page. To get the cover single width and the rest of the book as spreads, I export the PDF from InDesign twice. First just the document cover, then the rest of the pages with "Print as Spreads" checked. Then I use Acrobat to insert the cover at the beginning of the document.

That's not quite what I was getting at, but I've given you an upvote for a neat tip. Thanks! –  sampablokuper Feb 2 '11 at 15:14
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Ah, here's how:

View > Page Display > Show Cover Page During Two-Up


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