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When creating an e-book using Adobe Acrobat 8.2.1 on OS X 10.6.5, is there a way to make Adobe Acrobat (or Adobe Reader) display the pages as follows:

p2   p3
p4   p5

rather than:

p1   p2
p3   p4
p5   p6
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I know that this was answered correctly by sampablokuper but I wanted to add a bit more detailed info (and I can't yet comment on this site) as to where it was as I have read that on 3 separate occasions and all 3 times I have had the "Page Display" tab open from the options looking for the "Show Cover Page During Two-Up" but it isn't in there is is only in the drop-down (see screenshot below). It may also be in the options somewhere but I can't find it.

Hope this helps anyone else who didn't read the answer correctly and thought it was in the options window's "Page Display" tab like me!

Adobe Reader dropdown

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Ah, here's how:

View > Page Display > Show Cover Page During Two-Up

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My clients prefer each spread to be one Acrobat page. To get the cover single width and the rest of the book as spreads, I export the PDF from InDesign twice. First just the document cover, then the rest of the pages with "Print as Spreads" checked. Then I use Acrobat to insert the cover at the beginning of the document.

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That's not quite what I was getting at, but I've given you an upvote for a neat tip. Thanks! – sampablokuper Feb 2 '11 at 15:14

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