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My data is stored on a server and accessed via a network drive. The server is sometimes down, so at the moment I'm using windows' offline folder synchronization. However I'd prefer using a local copy of my files and have it synchronized to the net drive to decrease local access time. Since I'm the only user accessing my data, a usual synchronization that starts with scanning through all files for changes seems overhead (and takes too much time), I'm looking for a synchronization tool that somehow gets notified as soon as a file is changed locally and then directly synchronizes it. Freeware that can be used without admin priviledges would be prefered.

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What about SyncToy as one of the related questions suggests?

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does that only sync when a file is actually changed? Oh well, I'll try to convince my admin... –  Tobias Kienzler Jan 24 '11 at 10:41

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