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I usually have a 4x3 grid for spaces. Each row is dedicated to a different subject/project. Does anyone know a way to move to different column of the current row? So if I pressed control + 1 it would move to column 1 of whatever row I was current in.

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control-up, control-down will move you to the space above and below you.

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You can configure how to switch between Spaces in System Preferences » Exposé & Spaces » Spaces: alt text

The highlighted popup menu allows you to configure the shortcuts for moving to adjacent spaces by pressing a combination of {Command, Control, Option} and the arrow keys (left, right, up down, depending on your desired direction).

alt text

Keep your desired modifiers (Command, Control, Option, Shift) pressed while the popup menu is open to get additional variants (pictured: while pressing Shift and Command).

alt text

You cannot jump to "column 1 of the current row" though. Only absolute movements (to space 1) and relative movements (to the space to the left of the current one) are possible, no "hybrid".

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HyperSpaces appears to offer a "Switch to this space" hotkey for each defined space

alt text

and a "Back to the previous space" key, among lots of others. Plus the menu bar icon opens a clickable spaces map. And my favorite option: custom background for each space.

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