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In Excel 2000/2003 there was an option to save as a Web Page. So long as the workbook had only one sheet, this would create a single HTML file that contained the sheet's data and attributes in a sort of "extended" HTML format as documented on MSDN.

In Excel 2010, it appears the only option is to create an MHT file which is in a different format altogether.

I have a web based application I'm responsible for which relies on the "old" Office HTML format for certain purposes, so my question is: is there a way in Excel 2010 to export/save as a web page using that old format, or at least as an HTML file of some sort?

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This was rather silly for a first question. In my defense, the list of file types in old versions of Excel was not scrollable, so I wasn't expecting that here :) – Dan Jan 21 '11 at 19:02
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Hmm, I just fired up Excel 2010, and did a "File -> Save As" and in the "Save as type" drop down I see "web page (.htm;.html)" as an option right beneath the "Single File Web Page (.mht;.mhtml)" option you mentioned.

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Ok it looks like if you do that and choose the single sheet option, it works. Silly me. – Dan Jan 21 '11 at 18:53

Selecting web page from the drop down box when clicking save as, saved an HTML file for me.

alt text

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