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Shockwave and Flash are two different things. Still, I'm wondering why is Flash called Shockwave Flash at many places?

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Thanks for everybody! :) – nyuszika7h Jan 21 '11 at 21:15
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Originally, Macromedia made the Shockwave plugin for publishing Director content on the web. A smaller company called FutureWave developed an animation program called FutureSplash, also with a web plugin, which had a smaller resource footprint than Director (and might have had other advantages, I'm not sure). Macromedia, seeing this, bought FutureWave and renamed FutureSplash as Shockwave Flash, to serve as a companion to Shockwave. Eventually, Flash became the dominant technology. Later on, Adobe bought Macromedia.

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This name confusion arose earlier in the 90's when Macromedia players were prefixed with the word "Shockwave". After Adobe took over they rebranded all Shockwave products.


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They had much the same origins back in the Macromedia days, but were intended for slightly different targets originally. Nowadays, it's mostly the same. See here

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