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How do you take notes on code snippets and or command line sequences in Evernote (Mac or PC)? Is there a way to have code blocks like the 'Code Sample' buttons here:


Any way to have colored syntax highlighting?

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This link has exactly what you're looking for


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This link explains how to add a colored background to notes. Really doesn't have anything to do with syntax highlighting. –  Jeff Swensen Mar 1 '11 at 18:13

I'm working on a code snippet tool that integrates with Evernote called Sniptastic!


It's still in the early stages, but development is going very quickly. It has syntax highlighting and a plugin for Visual Studio.

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Sniptastic is like pastebin which syncs with evernote.

Other than that, closest I cound find was this... http://chrisshattuck.com/blog/adding-syntax-highlighting-code-snippets-evernote

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