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I have a laptop with dual boot, a windows 7 with encrypted partition and an Ubuntu 10.10. Now I understood that i can't mount encrypted partitions from Ubuntu, 'cause it's not a valid ntfs partition anymore. But i wonder whether i can boot this encrypted windows 7 from grub.

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Yes you can. It is all explained very well here. A simpler alternative would be to stop using Bit Locker and start using TrueCrypt. Bit Locker is plenty secure, but TrueCrypt is way more versatile and offers many more options. Check out this review between the Bit Locker and TrueCrypt, very informative.

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thanks for your answer. but i forgot to mention an important detail that encryption software is Check Point which is installed by my company's IT. I understand from your answer that booting an encrypted windows or ubuntu is related with encryption software and works about integration of software and bootloader (for me grub). – azer Jan 22 '11 at 0:26
@azer I am not familiar with "Check Point". What does Check Point do that would prevent you from setting up your system in one of the ways the article I linked to describes? – ubiquibacon Jan 22 '11 at 1:19

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