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When using Google Chrome, I would like to have a page scroll up so the bottom of form fields are at or above the bottom of the window when I click in the text input to begin entering something. However, if the form height is larger than the window, the top should not be scrolled off automatically.

I want to go from:

Input Form


Expanded Input Form

An bonus essential feature would be for the input box to automatically be resized in height (but not width) to fill the window. This feature ideally would be configurable: enable/disable and margin above and below.

Another idea would be to add a "maximize/restore" button to the field so it could be done with one click (rather than automatically upon focus).

There should be no scrolling or resizing for one-line input boxes.

Is there an extension or userscript that does something like this?

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Not exactly an answer, and I'm probably totally clueless but wouldn't this best be done with greasemonkey rather than as an extension? Or is that what you meant by 'userscript'? – PriceChild Mar 16 '11 at 15:34
@PriceChild: Chrome supports "userscripts" without requiring a third-party tool like GreaseMonkey. As I understand it, userscripts are site-specific (you have to configure them to function on sites you list) while extensions apply more broadly. – Dennis Williamson Mar 16 '11 at 15:36