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I've got a Thinkpad T60 with Intel 950 graphics. I'd like to connect two external monitors with 2048x1536. If I understand correctly, this will mean that the internal monitor will be off (that graphics card has a limit of 4096x4096 total). Also, I will have to buy a dock (either Thinkpad Advanced Dock or Thinkpad Advanced Mini Dock). One of the monitors will be connected to VGA (analog), the other one to DVI-D (digital). I need this to work under Linux.

I know I could also get Matrox TripleHead2Go or similar, but I am worried about it not working with Linux.

Will this setup work correctly?

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Support for multi-head displays is much improved in recent versions of Ubuntu (10.04+). Editing of config files is no longer necessarily required. However, it is worth checking your hardware specifically.

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I heard that you need to fiddle with config files ( Was: ) if you need 2 monitor configs to work before. I am not quite sure that you can get it work with advanced dock and 2 external monitors.

However, there are reports that matrox triplehead2go does work in ubuntu. just note that maximum dimension... (See: )

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