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I'd like to search my Outlook email with regular expressions. Is this possible? If not, is there any sort of non-regex wildcard functionality? Without any sort of plug-in is preferable, but if not, that's an acceptable option. However, i'd very much like to avoid Google Desktop.

I'm using Outlook 2010, if that matters.

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Bill, I've been using Outlook for over 10 years, through at least 3 versions. I've been a routine user of regular expressions in other software for nearly that long. Although I'm not using Outlook 2010, I'm fairly confident that the feature is not present.

Partly, I base my answer on MS Word (2007) functionality which does use wildcards. However, MS Word is not even close to being a regular expression, though you can see that it takes some influence from regular expressions.

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thanks. I've been using it since Outlook 97 and have looked occasionally for regex support, but hoped i was just overlooking something new. Well, can you elaborate on the wildcards? Is that just * and ?, or some other set? –  bill weaver Jan 24 '11 at 15:21

Outlook 2013 has a healthy set of search options in the the Search ribbon. This includes searching for partial matches. For example "from:(ke)" will find email from Ken, Kev, KewlGuy, etc. I recall Outlook 2010 also taking search strings like the aforementioned.

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