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I have installed Ubuntu on my new Samsung Laptop(QX410). Something went wrong, and now I can't even get into recovery, though Ubuntu partition utility still shows that I have manufacturers recovery partition and Windows 7 partition. I have tried to recover using factory recovery, it restarted my system, and now it just shows Samsung Logo and restarts, and does the same over and over

Here is how my disk partitions look like, and I will list only Windows partitions (it is Intel Solid State Disk for 80 GB)
/dev/sda1(ntfs) Windows 7 (loader),28 MB -- windows partition
/dev/sda2(ntfs) - (don't know), 35.9 GB
/dev/sda3 Windows Vista(ntfs) (loader), 16.7 GB -- recovery partition rest of partitions

How can I restore my system ? what would be your advice ?? Thanks !

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Try booting from an ubuntu DVD in "live" mode, then set one of the windows partitions as active. If you have a windows 7 DVD, then try using the recovery mode to repair the installation.

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