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I am trying to setup a web server with mailing capabilities (for development/testing) on localhost or Windows/Apache/PHP. How can I do that? So I can using PHP mail()

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Cygwin is a port of UNIX stuff on Windows. It has a POSIX emulation DLL, and then most Linux tools just run normally. It includes apache, and PHP. You can download the installer from You'd need to know some UNIXish stuff to get it working though.

You can also just download apache itself and PHP and install for yourself.

Not sure what you want to do though, what do you mean by mail()? You'd need to configure PHP to go to an outside mail server, so I'm not sure what you'd gain over going to the external SMTP server directly. Cygwin has a mail server (exim) and there are others available (see the comment on your question).

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