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I need to remove (or change) the default entry in the routing table for Windows XP, which routes packets with a destination equal to the adapter's address to localhost.

The reason for this is I want the PC to be able to send packets to a device (with IP address A) connected to one adapter on the PC with IP address B, even though a second adapter on the PC has IP address A.

Is this possible?

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Yes, see the route command:

C:\Users\John>route /?

Manipulates network routing tables.

ROUTE [-f] [-p] [-4|-6] command [destination]
                  [MASK netmask]  [gateway] [METRIC metric]  [IF interface]


to see the current routing table, use route print. To delete an entry, use route delete [ip addr].

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That won't work, i did try it; you cannot use the route command to remove a route added by the system, only those added by the route command or dhcp. – Kazar Jan 25 '11 at 13:23

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