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I'd like to set up a ventrilo server that I want to keep up at all times, but I don't want to have to keep my computer on all the time. Is there a free server or something that I can use to accomplish this?

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Assuming you're running it in linux, you can use crontab to start a task as a specific user- log on as that user, then

First make sure you have the right permissions to start ventrillo - rather than using ./ventrillo_serv, use sh /path/to/ventrillo/ventrilo_serv - if this works, you can add it to crontab, else you'd want to make the script executable

crontab -e 

brings up a text file - this is your crontab

Add a line saying

@reboot sh /path/to/ventrillo/ventrilo_serv

  • this runs the command, at reboot (you can also use this to run commands every so often)

Presumably you could work out some way to start your server with WOL as well.

If its windows, you could probably throw a batchfile or shortcut into your startup menu

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I think the operating system you're using is important here.

I used to run a ventrilo server on a Linux machine for a long while. If you wanted to get real slick, you could write an init script (similar to the ones in /etc/init.d/) which will start up your Ventrilo daemon (take care to make sure it starts as a user other than "root").

However, a more accessible solution might be to create a script which checks if Ventrilo is running and starts it if it isn't. Then, you could stick that in a cron job and have it execute every 15 minutes or so.

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