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someone emailed me a file with an attachment of .odt text file.
when i open up the file with openoffice the text all looks similar except for one piece of it.
it sort of looks like a hyperlink, but more subtle, the color is almost the same as text.
so i still have the file, is there anyway i could use the information contained to see if i am infected?
such as using the link to find an ip address and seeing if there are connections from my computer to this ip address...
anything like that?

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sorry i probably should have mentioned i originally DL'ed the file on ubuntu 10.10, but can access it from my mac osx 10.5. no antivirus software installed, the link is a html <download> tag, btw, should i use clamxav on the linux box? – fightermagethief Jan 25 '11 at 7:48

Scan the file specifically with your antivirus (right-click and see menu example below; varies between programs) and also run it on your entire computer.

Example using Microsoft Security Essentials (highly recommend btw):

enter image description here

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