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How do I connect a printer to the Ubuntu Guest ?

When running as a bridged network I can find the networked printer only. The printer attached to the host PC is invisible to the guest.

There are 2 printers. One attached and one networked.

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You will need to create a USB filter for the local printer (providing, of course the printer is attached via USB and not parallel). I am not sure how to add a printer in Ubuntu (also bear in mind if you get stuck the VirtualBox Forums are a good resouce base).

enter image description here

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This option has the benefit of not removing the printer from the Windows host to connect it to the Guest OS. Share the printer via Windows File & Printer Sharing. Then on the guest OS the printer will appear as a Networked printer.

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Option won't work. I am running version 4.02 and the guest reports no USB devices. Even though the keyboard , Mouse and speakers are all USB.

Had to resort to option 2 and use a bridged network.


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