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Is it possible to create a template to use in Windows Live mail which I can load peoples details into from my contact list?

I currently send emails to people but I have to manually view them in the address book, then copy there details into an email.

What I would like is to open the template, select the email address and everything else is auto completed, such as first name, address etc. These would go in set fields which I set within the template.

Is this possible? I am willing to switch to another mail account if needed but I would prefer it to be in Windows Live Mail. Thank you. :)

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There is no direct ms-word mail merge utility with any email client, not sure of outlook :(.

The best I can suggest is to generate a mail merged files from word, open them with live mail and just send.


  1. Recipient details ( had to add manually.
  2. Content might have to paste manually

Another solution is to write a simple utility which will replace place holders in a template file and send them using SMTP. If you are aware of any programming language then it is really simple.

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