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I am a proud owner of a Motion M1400 tablet, currently running Debian Sid. I want to improve the Tablet feel of the machine, so I am looking for some extension apps, like:

  • Handwriting notebook (with some extensions for recognizing mathematical and physical formulas, copy-paste and selection move, pressure based pens, custom setup of drawing pens, saving into well known formats like PDF, or OneNote's workbook format)

  • A nice control panel for tablet use (huge icons and text, something like the MeeGo UI)

  • Those nice Ubuntu additions what enables proper keyboard on GOK (not only the buttons of right-click), and makes password popups into normal windows to be used with on-screen keyboard, and also, the bottom-docked keyboard on the unlock window after resuming)

  • Anything what can improve Tablet usage

And no, Ubuntu will not be good, even the latest betas are overdriving the graphical accelerator of the M1400 thus overheating it.

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sketching and PDF-/picture-annotating sketching and PDF-/picture-annotating. It works like a normal notepad with the difference of being digital. It is thought to be used with a stylus on tablet-pcs.

After a month or so, Debian stable will be "Squeese", so there is a special KDE version for netbooks/tablets

they also have nice plasmoid for retractable onscreen keyboard (you can adjust size and position)

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