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Since I don't really like Total Commander's internal diff 'Compare Contents' used in Compare by content and Synchronize Dirs -> Compare left & right I want to use something else like Winmerge or KDiff3.

Is this possible to launch an external program with the paths to the marked files in the left & right pane? That would solve Compare by content. Any other way to solve it? Can I control Synchronize Dirs so it does the same when I compare file content there?

Any other suggestions to easily make diffs in Total Commander with external diff program?

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There are many ways to do this (here I'm using BeyondCompare as an example, it's the best I've found in this category, but the solution also works well with WinMerge):

A) Edit wincmd.ini, and add something like this:

CompareTool=C:\Program Files\Shareware\FileCmp\BeyondCmp\BCompare.exe

Now all comparisons are made using this app instead of the internal tool.

B) Using TotalCmd's StartMenu (command "Change start menu..."), add these commands:


BC (Compare left-vs-right directories)

Command: %YourPath%\BeyondCmp\BCompare.exe

Parameters: %X%p %X%t


BC (Compare current file under cursor vs same file in the other panel)

Command: %YourPath%\BeyondCmp\BCompare.exe

Parameters: "%X%p%x%n" "%X%t%x%n"


BC (Compare current file in left vs current file in right)

Command: %YourPath%\BeyondCmp\BCompare.exe

Parameters: "%X%p%n" "%X%t%m"

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What is the effect of %X and %x? –  Joel Feb 16 '11 at 8:25
%X Interprets the following parameters after this parameter as left/right instead of source/target: %P, %p (left path), %T, %t (right path), %N, %n (left name), %M, %m (right name), %S, %s (left selected), %R, %r (right selected) –  TheNewbie Feb 16 '11 at 9:56
%x Interprets the following parameters after this parameter again as source/target Example: %X%P %x%P sends left and source path to the called program –  TheNewbie Feb 16 '11 at 9:57

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