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In the wake of international revolutions, many of which were partly organized on sites like Facebook and Twitter, I think it is important that all people find out how to become truly anonymous online...

For example, how can I get behind a proxy (or seven)?

I borrowed this question from AskReddit:

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The best method is to turn your computer off. – Zoredache Jan 27 '11 at 4:53
Keep in mind that if you have cookies enabled in your browser and/or you actually authenticate to any service, then you have lost your anonymity. – Zoredache Jan 27 '11 at 4:55

The best way I know that non-technical folk can get as anonymous as possible is to use the free TOR Project, which uses a series of volunteer proxies to route traffic so as to mask its origin.

You can get the TOR Project as a plugin to Firefox and use Firefox in Private Browsing mode to avoid leaving traces on the host computer and you can go even further and use a sandboxed browser, either through running your browser through Sandboxie or in a Virtual Machine, or you can get dedicated sandboxed browsers such as KACE that when run alongside TOR will give you a good chance of staying as anonymous as possible. It is very hard to remain completely anonymous.

Below are the links to all these goodies! :)

  1. TOR Bundled with Firefox
  2. TOR Plugin standalone
  3. Sandboxie
  4. VirtualBox
  5. KACE Browser
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I used the TOR project for a while, at that time it was a separate application and not browser plugin, the only problem was the unpleasant internet speed, from what the docs says your traffic is routed (onion-ring) through a series of proxies, haven't got to research why the speed was so bad. There is also another interesting project I heard about.

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The speed is bad, because you traffic is being routed through a series of proxies. Some of the connections are likely being overloaded by people abusing the TOR network. – Zoredache Jan 27 '11 at 4:54

For anonymity, you could start using I2P.

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i2p is going to be the future. Support them. – LawrenceC Jan 27 '11 at 4:54

I use Chrome and the TOR network when needed.

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Also, liberte linux as a bootable thumb drive that runs everything through tor:

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