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I use following setup:

C:/ - Windows 7 Ultimate
D:/ - Data of user#1
E:/ - Data of user#2

I crypted my drive (D:) with BitLocker, but each time on login i have to unlock it manually. The problem is mine entire Profile folder is on D: e.g. Desktop, so when i login my desk is empty, my pinned taskbar items are also vanished, and remain so, even after i unlock my drive. I have to log out and back in to get everything back.

i wouldn't let windows unlock this drive automatically, as i font want user#2 to use my drive.

So my question is: can i let windows unlock my specified drive after i put my password on login screen?

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aww both answers together lead me to solution... what do? – Vprimachenko Jan 27 '11 at 2:29
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  1. Start
  2. "Manage bitlocker" (That should take you to the BitLocker Drive Encryption control panel window)
  3. Click "Manage BitLocker" next to D:
  4. Enable automatic unlocking.

If you want to disallow other users, just use standard Windows filesystem permissions:

  1. Right-click the drive in Computer
  2. Properties
  3. Security
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you can make some batch file and add it to startup...

something like:

  • unlock partition with bitlocker
  • kill explorer
  • start explorer
  • or logoff

btw. not shure if kill/start explorer would save all!

and for bitlocker cmd's look here

probably something like that!

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This question should be on or superuser. Anyway, maybe will help.

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