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I am importing a colleagues complete Outlook 2010 calendar (sent by mail as .ics file). However, all coloring is lost: categories, automatically formatted entries, etc. are not visualized in my colleagues colors - just in a non-distinguishable standard office style.

Is there a way that my colleague also sends me his color preferences, ie. to maintain his individual coloring in my view?

Thanks in advance! Matthias

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I would say that the chances are slim any colours would be retained, since the iCalendar format doesn't appear to store that sort of information.

Per Wikipedia:

PRODID:-//hacksw/handcal//NONSGML v1.0//EN
SUMMARY:Bastille Day Party

While a number of extensions is available, the list doesn't appear to include what you're looking for (which I would guess is "Category"):

  • X-RECURRENCE-ID - vCalendar 1.0 extension which mimics the iCalendar 2.0 RECURRENCE-ID (Nokia S60 3rd Edition)
  • X-EPOCAGENDAENTRYTYPE - defines the client calendar type
  • X-FUNAMBOL-ALLDAY - All Day event flag
  • X-MICROSOFT-CDO-ALLDAYEVENT - Microsoft Outlook all day event flag
  • X-MICROSOFT-CDO-BUSYSTATUS - Microsoft Outlook status information
  • X-WR-CALNAME - The display name of the calendar
  • X-WR-CALDESC - A description of the calendar
  • X-PUBLISHED-TTL - Recommended update interval for subscription to the calendar
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Dear Randolph,thanks a lot! I am afraid you are right. I thought - no idea how - there might be a way to explicitely and separately extract a user's color/category settings and to apply them on the remote site to an external calendar. But I guess this is wishful thinking rather than based on any fact. – Matthias Mayer Jan 29 '11 at 8:02

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