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We are having oracle 11g schema + data dump. As this dump is vary large, I would like to extract only part of schema with data. will this possible to achieve ?

Thank you

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Is it a simple SQL file? If yes, grep comes to mind. – Bobby Jan 27 '11 at 8:29

If you're taking about the dump generated using exp/expdp tools - then probably* no

*There is a tool called NXTract but I'm skeptical about it and haven't tried it.

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IMPDP does have some options. Firstly you can choose to only import specific schemas (which is useful if you've done a full database export)

Secondly you can choose to INCLUDE or EXCLUDE specific objects or objects where the name matches a particular format.

Thirdly there is a QUERY parameter that "Allows you to specify a query clause that filters the data that gets imported."

If you are using the older EXP/IMP utilities, then you miss out on that flexibility

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IMP also has some flexibility. If you know what schema(s)/table(s) you want to import, then use the TABLES keyword to specify them.

Without knowing exactly what produced your "dump", it's a bit difficult to provide definitive answers. Also, do you want certain tables restored, or just parts of certain tables?

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