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I have XBMC running on a Mac mini running OS X, and I'd like to make our DVDs (and eventually our video cassettes) accessible, so that our five-year-old can start her movies by herself.

I first tried copying the data contents of the DVD, but XBMC doesn't do any magic when it encounters these folders. It is playable, but it is more like picking a filename, not picking a movie.

Next I'll try a straight .ISO file, but I'm hoping someone else has been down this road and has some tips. I'm most comfortable with Linux tools, but if there is a better program on Windows or OS X, I'd check it out.

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Are you using the movie library functionality or file system browsing? – Pär Björklund Aug 17 '09 at 20:20
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If you copy the contents of the DVD into a folder it should be handled as a DVD. If you select the folder and press play it will launch it as a dvd, if you use the "enter" button it will list the contents of the folder.

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I'm marking this as the accepted answer, because XBMC does handle DVDs copied in this manner, but you have to tell it. See . However, after using it this way for a about a month, I think it's more useful in most cases to use Handbrake or another tool to turn the DVD into a single file, unless you really like watching previews, warnings, and finally navigating the DVD menu. – jwhitlock Dec 7 '09 at 1:16
Instructions moved to – jwhitlock Jun 17 '10 at 15:01

I really can recommend Handbrake for ripping the DVD's. I use it to put all our DVD's on TVersity streamed to XBMC, however it can also be read by XBMC directly once done, and you can take out all the menu's and unnecessary sections.

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I recently tried Handbrake on a Mac, and it worked quite nicely. I used version 0.9.4, the 64-bit build. It also required a 64-bit version of VLC for the deCSS libraries. The latest version of VLC (see comment date) is 1.0.3, but the latest with a 64-bit build was 1.0.2. It took about 90 minutes to transcode a 2 hour movie. This is the way to go, unless you really like the DVD menus, in which case, disk space being cheap, just keep both around. – jwhitlock Dec 7 '09 at 1:23

There is discussion on DVD Copy Integration at the XBMC forum
that refers to Handbrake and MythTV.

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I think what you're looking for is a dvd ripper. After a bit of googling MacTheRipper looks like a pretty good one for OSX. You should be able to rip the dvd to a .avi and put it somewhere XBMC will find it.

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