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I was really excited when I first started using my Sync in my Explorer. The possibilities seemed endless... yet there has been really nothing new added in the past two years. Does anyone know if there is any 3rd-party software or additional updates that I could look at installing? Or was it a short-lived over-hyped item that is just being phased back out?

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I don't think it is being phased out, but it is a fixed function platform. I didn't get the sense that it would be upgraded in existing vehicles. I imagine they'll be rolling out new features on new vehicles, but not porting it back to older vehicles. This is the way the auto companies work. They don't tend to upgrade older cars.

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I assume that you do not own a vehicle with Sync? I am basing my comments off of their user site (syncmyride.com) that has areas for apps and utilities, but are empty, I have been able to do a patch here and there but that is it. Would love to have an SDK/API, but I doubt that will happen. –  RiddlerDev Aug 18 '09 at 18:08

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