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Why not-very-tech users almost always trying to open text files in "Notepad" (and not in, for example, "WordPad" in spite of it is also installed by default)?

Notepad seems the only popular text editor that does not handle LF line endings well ("WordPad" does it well).

What are advantages of Notepad in eyes of non-tech users?

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Getting a UTF-8 plaintext file is more likely than getting one with a non-windows line ending. (Notepad supports UTF-8, Wordpad does not.) –  bytesum Jan 29 '11 at 0:24

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Notepad is often a default for many files, and a familiar interface due to its default association with .txt

It's not really so much that it is in any way better, it's just what people are used to. Kinda like Windows itself.

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It takes up so little RAM that you can run it on an obsolete computer. It also opens very fast, and despite all its simplicity, it has even the find & replace (CTRL+H) feature. As a tech-savvy person, I sometimes use it for simple displaying & text copying & pasting purposes because of its simplicity.

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When all you want to do is view a text file, the different font, more cluttered interface and the tendency to show the file with a wordwrapped and paged "document" layout can just get in the way. So in that case the Notepad defaults are an advantage. Like many things, I think the main reason for its ubiquity is just familiarity. Notepad's always been there. It's always been the default.

Line endings are indeed a pain.

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