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I'm building a small client app that downloads a specific .zip file form a website and needs to unzip the file. it would be easiest for me if i could have a command line unzip utility that supports WinXP, Win Vista, and Win7, and allows me to redistribute the utility with my app.

what unzip utilities meet my needs?

i'm a 7zip user, but i don't understand the LGPL license that it's released under, so i'm hoping someone else can fill me in and give me some suggestions / guidance.

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Definitely 7-zip. Just note that you have to offer your customers a copy of the 7-zip source code (not the code for your app) and you have to be able to give them this source code even if 7-zip otherwise disappears off the face of the earth so make a copy of it now. – Ben Voigt Jan 28 '11 at 16:38

I don't speak legalese either, but I think you can redistribute 7zip with your program.


The main difference between the GPL and the LGPL is that the latter can be linked to (in the case of a library, 'used by') a non-(L)GPLed program, regardless of whether it is free software or proprietary software. This non-(L)GPLed program can then be distributed under any chosen terms if it is not a derivative work.

There also is InfoZip, released under InfoZip License.

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