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I have an IMAP account set up in Outlook 2010. This account receives notices from scheduled tasks. It receives a LOT of messages.

I want to filter the messages that contain error reports into a new folder. I created a rule in Outlook that looks for specific text in the message. The problem is that the filter doesn't seem to see the text unless I have already viewed the message. How can I work around this limitation?


This post was originally for Outlook 2003. I am now using Outlook 2010.

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In Outlook 2003 I worked around the issue this way:

  1. Selected all the messages, right-clicked, and selected option to download the messages
  2. Ran "Send / Recieve"
  3. Manually ran the Rule

In Outlook 2010 step #1 above no longer exists. I followed instructions to force Outlook to download the complete IMAP items and then all I have to do is step #3. For some reason the rule doesn't get applied even though I'm telling Outlook to download the complete IMAP item.

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