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I'm trying to figure out why MacVim does not pick up global mappings from installed plugins. I am using MacVim 7.3.87 under OS X 10.6.

I created a file ~/.vim/plugin/testplugin.vim containing the following:

nmap <D-x> :echo "hello"<cr>
nmap <C-x> :echo "hello"<cr>
nmap ,x :echo "hello"<cr>

Then I started MacVim using "mvim -V2" and verified by checking debug messages that testplugin.vim was sourced. Once it was up and running, I used the :nmap command to see all the normal-mode mappings but didn't see any mappings from testplugin.vim. Of course, those mappings do not work.

I noticed that the text-mode vim from MacPorts does pick up global mappings from this same testplugin.vim, so I'm wondering if MacVim specifically disables plugin global mappings.

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Maybe contact some the macvim developer? – Bjorn Tipling Jan 28 '11 at 21:11
Here is his blog: – Bjorn Tipling Jan 28 '11 at 21:12
He suggested to try the troubleshooting steps here: I'll do that on Monday. – mortonfox Jan 29 '11 at 10:42

I used the troubleshooting steps and figured out the problem. Thanks to Björn Winckler for the offsite advice. It turned out to be a conflict in the order in which config files were sourced. After the plugins were loaded, another file came in with "mapclear" and removed all the mappings.

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