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I've setup my iPhone with my Google Apps email account, and when it works it works brilliantly. It receives and sends email without a problem. However I've run into a problem with it that is making my phone really difficult to use for the purpose I bought it for (internet, email, SMS).

In my email settings I turn on POP access for all mail "from now on", and the iPhone picks up email for a couple of weeks. However, after a couple of weeks of usage, it downright refuses to get any new email. When I go into the Inbox on my phone I get emails from (at least) a week before. This is kind of frustrating as I have to use the browser method (via the browser) for all my mailing, which is awfully ineffective.

I can fix the problem by resetting the POP access on my email account to "from now on" again, but there's got to be a better way...

Has anyone else run into this? Any ideas?

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Did you add your Gmail account as "Gmail"? According to Google, you need to add your Gmail account as a non-Gmail account in order for it to work. (Yes, backwards.)

As a better option, I'd suggest accessing GMail through your browser (then you retain labels and other features) and using the GPush iPhone app for push notifications.

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So IMAP is the key... I'll have to give it a go. Thanks! – Matthew Iselin Aug 18 '09 at 2:59

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