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As the title indicates, is there a way to connect a vintage MFM 5.25 form factor hard drive to a modern system that lacks an ISA slot (hence no MFM controller) ?

I know its a long shot, but ideally I would like some hodgepodge of adapter(s) that will let me mount one of these drives under Windows 7 for some benchmarking. For that matter, I wonder if Windows 7 would even address such a device without some degree of 3rd party hackery/emulation?

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I think the ISA is necessary. – user3463 Jan 29 '11 at 0:44
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You might be able to connect a controller using a USB to ISA board, such as

I believe Linux 2.6 does have drivers for MFM controllers, whereas I find it highly unlikely that Windows 7 would support MFM controllers... Good luck though!

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