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I am looking a for a program to remember things with these features:

  • Open files or programs in my own computer at a planned time. For example I want every morming at 8:00 the program open a particular mp3 file. But suposse, by mistake, that I on my computer and 9:00, then I want that the program rememberme what I planned to open at 8:00.

  • Show me the program as an active windows on my desktop. The windows of the program opened is what the user is seeing (Is at the first place in the desktop) and the rest of the program windows are below.

  • Close programs or files in my own computer at a planned time. For example I want that the program mp3 file that was opened at 8:00 was closed at 10:00 if at that time still be opened.

  • Detection of events. For instance If I open particular videogame program. then a mp3 file (with a recording message arguing why I shouldn´t continue playing that videogame at work time) is opened.

  • Possibility of combine the features mentioned before each other.
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You may find that Macro Express ( what you want. It includes a powerful scripting ability. I have used it in the past to do similar things to what you describe.

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Is there a free version? – Peterstone Jan 31 '11 at 8:39
I think you will have to pay, but last I knew its not very expensive. For a single user, US$40 is nix. – quickly_now Jan 31 '11 at 9:10

The built-in Task Scheduler of Windows can do most of that, assisted by command line utilities that allow you to activate windows and close them. For the detection of events, you could replace the shortcut by a batch file that first displays a warning with OK / Cancel and starts when you click Cancel.

(I misinterpreted your question as usage tracking earlier, for which I've suggested ManicTime)

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